Important Documents

Important Documents

You never know when an emergency situation might arise. Having all of your important financial, legal, and health documents in a handy location you can access easily can make crisis management go much more smoothly. Here is a list of items that you should always know the location of:


Personal Documents

Birth and marriage certificates
Citizenship papers
Divorce/separation papers
Adoption papers
Social Security numbers/cards
Passports (numbers, expiration dates)
Driver’s licenses (numbers, expiration dates)
Military records


Medical Documents

Names/addresses/phone numbers of health care providers (physicians, dentists, pharmacists etc.)
Healthcare proxies/living wills
Medications (dosages, prescribing physicians, pharmacy)
Hospitals of choice (address/telephone)
Medicare numbers
Medicaid numbers (caseworker numbers, address/telephone)
Social worker or caseworker names (address/telephone)


Financial Documents

Income sources (include retirement and/or disability benefits, social security, etc.)
Financial assets (institution name, account number, address/telephone, form of ownership, current value) including cash, bank accounts, stocks, bonds mutual funds, money market funds, retirement and pension plans, IRA’s, annuities, life insurance
Real estate (property addresses, location of deeds, form of ownership, current values) including primary home, vacation home, investment property
Other assets (location of items/titles/documents, form of ownership, current values) including automobiles, boats, inheritances, precious gems, collectibles, household items, hidden valuables/items in storage, loans to family/friends
Liabilities (creditor institutions, address/telephone, approximate debt) including mortgages, personal loans, credit cards, notes, IOU’s


Insurance Documents (Include company name, policy number, and location for each policy)

Life insurance
Health and dental
Medigap-supplemental health
Long-term care


Legal Documents

Wills (dates of documents, executor names, address/telephone)
Powers of attorney or durable powers of attorney (names, including backup, address/telephone)
Advance medical directives (durable medical powers of attorney, healthcare proxies and living wills)
Guardianships/conservatorships (names, address/telephone)


Other Important Contacts

Professional advisors other than healthcare (names, address/telephone) including attorneys, financial advisors, bankers, accountants, insurance agents, stockbrokers, clergy
Past employers (company names, address/telephone, dates of retirement, contact persons, employee ID number)
Close friends and neighbors (names, address/telephone, indicate those with keys to house/apartment/condominium)
Service providers (names, address/telephone)
Club memberships, volunteer activities and senior centers (names, address/telephone)
Landlord (name, address/telephone)


Other Information

Inventory of family historical records (documents, photos, keepsakes)
Burial instructions (funeral home location, name of director, whether funeral has been prepaid, cemetery plot location, organ donor instructions)
Safe deposit boxes (institution names, address/telephone, location of keys and list of contents, other names on safe deposit boxes)
Tax records

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