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Personalized Financial Services “The New Standard in Wealth Management”

Income Strategy Services, clients come first!
At The Strategic Wealth Advisor® LLC

Our approach to delivering comprehensive financial services always starts and ends with you, our clients. We begin this process by listening to you and discussing your lifestyles, goals, wishes, dreams and family situations. Through a consultative process, we then learn the details of your financial picture so we can construct and deliver customized strategies along with your personal Financial Action Checklist. Our experienced team of professionals fully evaluates your situation to prepare personal solutions that integrate investment strategies, tax reduction strategies, future income and distribution strategies and family wealth strategies.

We then schedule to meet with you on a regular basis to discuss and update your financial situation. We pride ourselves in our constant calendars of client services and regular client communications to keep you informed of economic news and appropriate tax law and estate rule updates.

As we said earlier, at The Strategic Wealth Advisor®, clients come first!

Some of the ways we differ from other firms include

  • Our strong menu of Financial Services which include a comprehensive review of your tax reduction strategies; estate strategies, investment strategies, retirement strategies; and, protection strategies.
  • Our frequent and regularly scheduled meetings with clients to update your specific strategies and discuss your personal situations.
  • Our strong and consistent calendar of high-quality newsletters, tax reports, and other reports and articles.
  • Our frequent schedule of client educational and appreciation events.
  • Our personal service that features our best and most current ideas, suggestions, and solutions.


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