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The workshops will educate, entertain, inform and motivate. You can find trendy financial news almost everywhere, but it is difficult to use this information to make informed decisions and create a plan for your future.  Nancy holds Workshops designed to save you time by delivering comprehensive, objective knowledge you can easily apply to your situation.  When it comes to important subjects such as Investing and Risk Management, it makes sense to learn from a reliable, trusted source.

Nancy holds workshops at Corporations as well as Community Schools. In her workshops, attendees learn how to integrate their finances with their goals and values, properly allocate their assets within their employer retirement plan, as well as reallocating, these assets as economic changes occur.  Additionally, attendees will learn to use investment strategies to help minimize risk and maximize returns, how to ask the right questions when evaluating insurance coverage and ensure their estate plan still functions properly under the new law.  Finally, attendees will learn how to determine the amount of money they will need to support and plan for their strategy to preserve a comfortable standard of living. Each attendee will learn how to create their own goals for their financial futures.

Workshop Topics

• Cash Management—This workshop is designed to help attendees find the balance between saving for the future and enjoying their lifestyle today.
• Investment—The purpose of this workshop is to assist attendees in determining the appropriate balance of industry sectors as well as educating them on investment styles including the selection of Stocks, Bonds, Exchange Traded Funds, and Mutual Funds.
• Risk Management—Life is like a photograph you need the negatives to develop, and Nancy’s Risk Management workshop is focused on Life Insurance for those you love, Long-Term Care, and Disability Insurance.


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